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Hi, Kevin here...

I'm a university grad (economics and business), a traditional bricks and mortar business owner...a song writer, singer, musician...and most importantly, I'm a stay-at-home Dad!


Back in 2010ish I decided to downsize things and move all HOME, so I had the time and the means to be there for my two kids.  Believe me, it was not an easy decision, to give up a business I built from scratch, with multiple locations actually...BUT I was growing tired of trading my time for money, and I knew it was time, AND I needed to make a change for ME and my family.

The Key to  it All

I knew the key to creating myself personal and financial freedom would be developing a residual income, and from all my years of business experience, and the school of hard knocks, I also knew that I had to implement systems.  You see, SYSTEMS WORK, and by developing simple systems, it didn't take me long to realize the personal and financial freedom I was looking for...and believe me, others noticed I never missed a kids event, teacher meeting or ball game...not matter what time of day, has enable me the time and freedom to travel, write-play-record music, attend my favourite professional sports teams games, and most importantly, be there for those I care and loved.

I remember my brother, who owns his own success veterinarian clinic would say,

"Boy Kevin, I don't know anyone like you who has the ability, both time and financially, as you do!"

That has always made me smile.  Even today!


WHY I developed OurIncomePlan

And this is why I designed and developed OurIncomePlan, simple 'done for you' system that enables anyone and everyone the ability to also have the personal financial freedom they desire.  Now's your time, start to Live Life on Your Terms, and plug-into, OurIncomePlan.

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Thanks, message sent!



Kevin Johnson

PO Box 219 - Langruth, Manitoba

R0H 0N0     CANADA