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Entrepreneur, Musician, Traveler, Consultant, and most importantly,
a Stay-at-Home Dad. 
 Create yourself More Time and More Freedom 


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Langruth, Manitoba

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It didn't take me long after graduating from university (Business Management and Economics) to realize that trading my time for money for wasn't for me.  Over the years I've  walked away from a government job and then a traditional bricks and mortar business.  I just couldn't do the 9-5 grind...and that's when my journey began...back in 2010/11.

Since then I've learned the power of PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME, and that's an income that keeps coming month after month regardless if I'm working or not.  It's passive income that has enable me to  Live Life on MY TERMS, doing the things I like and dream of, like travelling, writing and recording music, and SIMPLY NEVER MISSING  an important kids or family event, and so on!  I was and am "That Dad" who was and is always there, and for sure, other parents and colleagues have taken note, asking me "HOW I do it!"


Life goes by too fast to waste a moment, and developing a passive income to supplement or to replace what you're currently doing is the solution!

 It's MY MISSION  to help others live life to the fullest, to live life on their terms, and the best way reach their goals is to develop their own passive income stream, and living life on their own terms.  You see, passive income is more than just the money, it's the control, the TIME freedom, which in turn alleviates stress, enabling a better life…SIMPLE RIGHT?!  

So, to help people, I've developed systems and trainings over the years, enabling anyone from across the globe the ability to plug into and follow.  It's exactly what I do, so plug in today... YOU CAN do this!

JOIN ME  and let's get you started down your own journey of  personal and financial freedom.  

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Huatulco, Mexico (March 2019)

 UP NEXT Iceland (July 2019)

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A singer, songwriter, and performer of modern country, pop, and folk.

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'Perfect Life' (album 2012)

'Gotta Be Somebody' (single 2018)

'That Gravel Road' (album coming 2019)

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